Top 10 File-Sharing Solutions in 2022

File sharing is an important part of any business today, and with the growing shift to remote work for their employees, businesses and organizations need to be able to share large files as quickly and securely as possible. In this article, we will talk about how to choose the right file-sharing service for your organization.

What Is a Secure File Sharing Solution?

If you mainly work at a computer, then you no doubt accumulate a huge amount of documents, files, notes, and various information that you need to store. Like most people, you have to spend too much time organizing and searching for files. If you’re collaborating with your colleagues on a project, the storage problem becomes even more complex. Online file storage solutions are ideal for sharing information even if you work from different locations or on different computers.

File sharing is the practice of exchanging or sharing public or private computer files over a network. Depending on access permissions, file sharing allows a certain number of people to read, view, or edit a file, depending on the level of permission granted by the file-sharing. File sharing services typically allocate a certain amount of file storage per user per account.

File sharing refers to the general process of sending files to other people. When files are emailed as attachments, you often send them back and forth to download, view, edit, and check-in. This process results in multiple versions of the same document, making it difficult to keep track of the latest working version. Out of all the features of the file-sharing solutions, three features of cloud storage are especially noted by users:

    • Files on request. The function helps to save space on the computer and leave the convenience of using the file at any time and from any device connected to that Microsoft account.
    • Scanning documents. The storage provides a scanner function, thanks to which you can scan and send for storage all the necessary files, payments, and basic documentation. This way, everything important will remain at hand. You can access this feature using the mobile app.
    • Personal safety. An indispensable thing if users want to restrict access to certain files. The safe is protected by a password and identity confirmation. However, it can also be given multiple access by link and password.

Ten the Best File-Sharing Solutions in 2022

As a small business owner or employee, you can’t waste time. You probably already use several time-saving tools, but few are as simple and effective as file sharing. Much of today’s data is transferred using online tools, so choosing a secure file-sharing service is critical to preventing security threats and protecting sensitive data. The best file-sharing solutions in 2022 are:

      1. Dropbox.
      2. Egnyte.
      3. Google Drive.
      4. Box.
      5. WeTransfer.
      6. OneDrive.
      7. iCloud Drive.
      8. Mediafire.
      9. Microsoft OneDrive.
      10. InCloud.

Shared file stores can serve as critical sharing points for shared processing files that are too large to be attached to e-mail messages. Such repositories provide users with convenient access to the necessary materials. Also, since they are typically hosted on servers with excess disk resources, the risk of data loss due to disk failure is minimized. Anyone who has ever paid data recovery professionals several thousand dollars to retrieve vital data from a failed hard drive can appreciate the value of file server backup drives.